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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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live moment where president obama will be rallying here. >> thanks for your time, i am thomas roberts, my colleague, kate snow has it all covered now. very exc about the cubs. congrats to you. >> thank you, good afternoon everyone, no time to wait, we got five days to go. as we heard from donald trump's wife, melania a few minutes ago. we'll recap that for you and both candidates and their vp picks, all over the map today. events in iowa and pennsylvania and arizona and north carolina, some of the states could end up deciding this whole thing. we are going to hear this hour from hillary clinton. i want to start with kasie hunt waiting for the democrat nominee to start her early vote event.
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a little sigh of relief for the clinton campaign, not out of the woods yet, what have you learned about her plans for the next five days? >> reporter: kate, you saw the last offensive play when she was in arizona yesterday. the rest of the stretch is going to be about showing up the places that we have expected her to win and all the way along and making sure that she's in north carolina and florida and they. >> reporter: they are grinding out and some of the states are a little bit concerning in colorado and new hampshire are another one. they are feeling good about the fundamentals of this race. now, still some questions about what may happen in the coming days with direct james comey at the fbi. clinton was asked a couple of times this morning on the radio show whether or not she would
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call to report comey's resignation if in fact she were elected president. take a look. >> and then here is the $10,000 question and that is, will you ask the fbi director to resign if you are elected president? >> well, let me answer the second question first, joe. i am not going to get ahead of myself but assuming that i will be fortunate to be elected, that's up to you and people have to turn out. it is nothing that i am going to be proposing come into reality and also i would not comment on personnel issues. >> reporter: so clinton is being careful there as she talks about what may happen with director comey. nbc news has a statement from a democrat from oregon in the national security community and
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he took some nuts and bells at the fbi arguing there should be an aggressive independent in general looking at what they are up to and suggesting james comey is a little bit out of his lane. >> kate. >> all right, kasie hunt, thank you very much. lets turn to the other side of the race, donald trump is in the same state as hillary clinton right now. trump is rallying in concord north carolina, expected to begin at the bottom of this hour, nbc's jacob rascon , is there for us, give us a preview of what we heard so far today. >> reporter: we expect a talk on rebuilding the military veterans affairs. mr. trump has been staying on message and staying on point and nice and easy, donald. that's what he's hoping to do. the campaign says they are
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encouraged. if we can turn and ask our friend here, bill gyther, here, you don't believe the polls and you believe this is a landslide, why that? >> we have a lot of people out there voting early. i know we do and i have seen on social media, it is my first time voting for trump. people are fed up, man. the corruption stuff is showing up now but we all knew it before. it is just confirmation and not information for us you. >> reporter: what's the most important thing that trump can accomplish. >> if all he did and once he gets in is giving us a no question ask fair, then he accomplishes everything he needs to accomplish.
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>> thank you for your time. something we hear a lot. >> reporter: the other half are encouraged by the tightening in the polls that they see here at north carolina and they really think that trump can take it back to you kate. >> jacob rascon. melania just wrapped up her speech. chris jansing is in berwyn, pennsylvan pennsylvania, where that all happened. how did she receive in the room. >> reporter: tremendously well, and these were passionate trump supporters. it is remarkable when you think about, potential first lady not going out by herself on the campaign trail until the final five days of the campaign. i talked to the one of the senior staffs who was backstage. they said she felt really good about it. would she i ask would go out again and i was given a will see. she had a very high hill to
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climb here. a lot of talk about how donald trump in pennsylvania and elsewhere had been losing college educated women. this is a county, for example, that has more college educated adults than any other counties in pennsylvania. so that is critical area, they are down in this campaign, i would say if you look down to anywhere of four or five points. those polls just coming out in 24 or 48 hours. a senior staff told me that their internal shows that they are tied here. >> can something like this move the needle and she claims that it can. she has been saying for a while now that they believe there is a group of voters that are are not really sure about donald trump but don't like hillary clinton either. they are looking to give them a reason to vote for donald trump. that's what you heard in a short
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speech from melania trump today. she talked about her immigrant story, it is impressive. growing up in a communist country and coming here and being a successful model and talked about herself as an immigrant and talked about herself as a mom and making herself relatable and staying hem with her son and talked about bullying on social media and how she would make that attendant of her first lady. it is a very difficult hill to climb. so many women are 33% down for donald trump here among women in pennsylvania. if you are one of those women, can a speech of melania however well delivered however heartfelt may come across to you. can that change minds? >> the campaign believe it will. they don't have many days to find out. one final note here. this is not one of those states where they have been waiting for
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days or weeks. t there is no early voting here and so this really is campaign on in these closing days and you feel the final push here in pennsylvania. kate. >> chris jansing, i am going to be there on tuesday night, chris, thank you very much, appreciate it. >> for more, i want to bring in anita mcbride and our executive of the american washington, anita, nice to see you. >> nice toee you. >> i know you got to see most of the speech from melania trump. the question that chris posed. did it move the needle at all? >> i think it was unfortunate after the convention when she delivered a great speech but the fallout from that speech was unfortunate and she stopped getting out there.
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this kind of thing, this personal story and this very gentle way of delivering it, this way of making americans feel so great about their country, if she could have done more of that on her own and with him, i think it could be effective. it is not over yet. she should hit every battleground state and should be out there three times a day. >> yes, wow. >> let me play a little bit more for people that's just joining now from what was given last hour. >> over the years of our marriage, i have watched my husband grow more and more concerned as he sees american workers suffered. i have watched him get frustrated as he sees parents traveled to care for children while working outside the home. i have watched him as he sees over and over again policies
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that make our country less strong, secure and safe. >> i do want to ask you though, i say this with all sensitivity and as a working mom, i respect any other mom gets out there talking about their kids. is she relatable or not? she's a beautiful model. do you think regular voters see her as they see herself herse. >> why she looks as this country as a place where she can build a life. she did not just want work here but she wanted to be an american. that's relatable to people who are immigrant to this country. and i think you know she talked about her role in the fashion world, grant it is not something i have a personal experience. there are ups and downs, i am an procedure a
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entrepreneur and i tried to make my way and i am raising my son and i am happy. my husband understands what it is like for working people to try to have a good life here. >> i think she's striking a balance of a personal experience and what her husband has tried to do. i was struck by one sentence in particular that she said, this is not an ordinary campaign, god knows we all know that. this is a movement. for someone like me who came up to the ranks because ronald reagan and his rev nutrition. i can understand what she's trying to say by that. this is very different. this is an inflection point of our country right new. >> if he wins next week, imagine her as first lady, what role do you see her play and where does she fit? >> well, she did say in her speech, this is an area she wants to focus on, social media and the aspect of social media and that can be harmful and
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mother of a teenager, i guess what she's saying. if she's serious about that and can put together some of the country's best experts and be a real spokesperson for the issues and convene the right people and start to move the needle and have an impact on social media and the explosion of our internet and have a serious discussion about that. have put their passion behind it and all their credibility and garnish all the resources around them and have tried to make and have made a difference. ita mcbride, thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> up next, trump is navorroirr the gap in polls. i am going to be joined by clinton supporter,jennifer
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we are still waiting for hillary clinton to begin her event in north carolina, i am joined by former governor, michigan, jennifer granholm and a clinton's supporter. nice to see you. >> good to see you. you had wisconsin and ahead in pennsylvania and most polls as chris jansing were saying. you may had a chance at a state that used to be red light in arizona. are you nervous that people don't show up. >> totally excited about this. in fact, feeling really good about the ground game that's happening. let me break it down a little
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bit for you. in florida, we are seeing a big turn out in miami, dade, which is a democratic area. we are seeing the same number of early votes that were cast in 2012 have already been cast in miami-dade area. there is 139% increase of african-american voters. in north carolina even when the number of polling places were not opened, we have seen a big spike in the democratic counties like durham and wake and mecklenburg and we are seeing double digit increases and nevada, we are seeing huge spikes and with latinos. we got a well over 30,000 vote margin. it is all across the country where we have access to this data. it demonstrates that if you have
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a ground game, if you got a good organization, that's exactly why hillary clinton tapped mook, he knows how to do this, robbie mook, now, it is go-time. we are feeling really good about that. >> let me ask you something about what donald trump said an hour ago in florida. he cited a fox report that says that clinton may face indictment related to the clinton's foundation. law enforcement officials told nib news th nbc news that the fbi is taken a look at this. but, there has not been no developments in the past several months on that front. here is what donald trump said. >> the fbi agent says their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. just to remember, the system is
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rigged and reports also show that the political leadership at the department of justice is trying to protect hillary clinton and is interfering with the fbi's criminal investigation. >> here is my question, voters don't fact-check what they hear him say. >> yes. >> are you worried that some are convinced by every line he's saying there. >> sure, i do think that even though voters don't fact-check everything that comes out of his mouth, as he breathes, he lies. the political facts and all fact-checkers have looked at his and her statements and they found that 70% of the statements they have checked have been lies on his part. so i am -- this is another example of it. he's just -- this is one reason,
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kate, where this man cannot be president. people want to see somebody who has integrity. >> on hillary clinton's side, when they fact-check her statement, she and president obama on the same place. they are two of the most honest politicians and despite what donald trump continues to say, crooked hillary and all that garbage. it is a case of psychological projecti projection. the man is a liar and the biggest lie of 2015 on the part of fact checkers. it is frustrating to hear but i think voters are smaertrter tha that. >> let me give you the best case scenario, she's got to work with the fbi and republicans using impeach. words saying they're going to go after her for impeachment. how is she going to work with anyone. >> the best case sscenario, shes
12:21 pm
elected and she has the house and the senate to work with so you are not having obstructionness. she has a congress she can work with. those republicans who are claiming they are not going to confirm another supreme court justice who says they are going to launch an investigation. they better look at voters. do you think the american people want her to go into office and not be able to get anything done because a bunch of obstruction is in the legislature or doing that or calling on more investigation after investigation. of course, they don't. they want their government to work well. these republicans who continue to say america is on the wrong track and that's why we are going hell in a hand basket. they ought to look at the themselves in the mirror. the reason why they think they are on the wrong track is because of their obstruction. >> i cannot let you go about
12:22 pm
asking michigan. all this talk about trump trying to scale the blue wall and taking blue states and turn them red, does he have a chance there. could you lose michigan? >> no. i do not see it and i was just on the phone with some of the operative who is are working with the campaign and michigan. they tracked the abosentee ballots that's coming so far. we have about 50,000 voting advantage of democratic ballots that have been returned and compared to republicans. an unprecedented efforts on the ground. that's where democrats excel. even a place where trump thought he had an advantage which would be in trades. citizens in michigan and ohio trust according to a reuter's poll making sure that the trade is fair. i think she will be all right. >> jennifer granholm.
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always nice to see her. >> as we have been reporting, melania trump is back on the campaign trail today. first time in months, how much of an impact can she have? we'll talk to a trump supporter next. i was working in the yard, my chest started hurting
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i wantur children in this country and all around the world to leaive a beautiful life, to safe and secure and dream freely of love and a family of their own someday. we need to teach our youths american values, kindness, honesty, respect, compassion, charity, understanding, cooperations. >> that was melania trump today talking about the values we need to pass on for our children.
12:27 pm
>> a donald trump's surrogate. matt sclapps. thank you for being here >> we just heard from melania. >> the clinton campaign keeps on pointing out that her husband does not represent those values. they run this ad that appears in the world series, lets play a little bit. >> you can tell them to go to [ bleep ] themselves. i can stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i would note lose any voters. when mexico send their people, they're bringing drugs and crimes and rapists. you can see there were blood coming out of her eyes and blood coming out of where ever. >> you got to see this guy, oh, i don't know what i said or i don't remember. i don't remember. and you have melania talking
12:28 pm
about parenting and her children. do you see a conflict there? >> i think this is been a rough race and i can go through all types of instances where i think these ads. she plays the clip over and over again. both campaigns have been raw and rough and tumble. the problem for hillary clinton on this campaign, i think we can see that's her central thing. she has the character and she believes that donald trump does not have any character. it is hard to do that when you have two active fbi investigation on you and every poll including your own polls show that voters believe that she's less honest and stress worthy. >> i am surprised that she has not talked to us more on what she wants to do in getting the
12:29 pm
economy going. she's running this against donald trump. i don't see the strategy is smart. >> we just talked to a supporter of hillary clinton, jennifer granholm, and where donald trump is going on an indictment of hillary clinton. the fbi did take a -- there is no developments under the investigation. >> let me just say. fox broke last night with two sources inside the fbi that this is a serious target of the investigation of the investigation, they are putting for agents. and they think there are a serious problem on the e-mails. this is being reported in the wall street journals in the
12:30 pm
washington times and new york times. it is enforcemeimportant for yo this is an serious investigation. >> what we know and i checked with pete williams and law enforcement officials talking with us and saying there was a look at this and initial look at the clinton foundation within the fbbaseon allegation in a press or a book that's cited. there has not been any developments in recent months. >> why did comey send the letter to the democratic leaders on the hill -- >> that's a separate investigation, that's about the e-mail server, very much exist. >> but you are saying two things. >> no, let me be clear. what i am trying to say is there are two active investigations. that's a serious thing in the voters voters' minds. why are her numbers going in the basement? >> we are seeing wikileaks and
12:31 pm
developments that we learned are differently than what she said. we see that the fbi uses this serious potential wrong doing. i cannot predict that the fbi is doing. we don't know what they are doing until the investigation is done. it is wrong to sugar coat to say it is over and we are looking at it. that is not correct. >> we can agree to disagree. i did want to ask you about jennifer granholm. she called him a serious fabricator. >> i heard. >> they are indicting the american voters. poll after poll and i went through all these polls on another network, she's considered less honest and trust worthy. is jennifer granholm is indicting all these people? >> the american people have a good judge of kyle clark, they
12:32 pm
may like aspect of hillary clinton but what they don't like about her is she always levels with him and gives him the straight to open the honest truth. she does not do that. if she was that type of person, she would be a lot better position in this race and if she's going to run on character, she's going to close this campaign out on character, she's making a huge mistake. once again, when the fbi is finding all types of problems with two investigations that are raging in to her activities. >> once again, nbc knows of one investigation and not the second. >> that's not true. you should read the wall street journal. >> i have. i am telling you what our reporting is. >> there are two investigations -- >> you should level with people about that. >> i am telling you our reporting at nbc. >> your reporting is not accurate. >> you can make that judgment. trump's surrogate, matt schlapp.
12:33 pm
>> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> plus, it is full court president in arizona as hillary clinton hopes to break a two decade voting streak there. >> as the political pun dense like to say, arizona has only voted for a democrat for president once since 1998 and that was my husband in 1996. for the first time, we have a real chance to turn this state blue again. [ cheers ] eard you got a job asa developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh!
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new chapter in her new book where she claims roger ailes sexually arrested her. in fact, he's spent much of the last decade to promote and helping her to achieve the stardom she had earned for which she add repeatedly thank him. gabe, what's your reporting on this based on your sources. >> i heard the same thing from people close to megyn kelly. after the ailes' scandal broke, she wanted to broke out an ad addresshe scandal for the first time. he will be on november 15th when her book is public and including
12:38 pm
materials in the book. >> you knew that time that she talked to outside investigators, correct? >> yes. >> assuming she told them the same thing? >> yes, she was one of the women of the highest profiles of fox news to come forward to investigate roger ailes. this book is the first time that she will address the cscandal o record. this will be her chance to go on the record to say. i should point out, i got a statement from roger ailes that reiterates what you said at the top of the statement. he's sticking to his position that this did not happen. >> given all this news, can or do your sources say the future of fox news? >> well, megyn kelly, is the
12:39 pm
future. this episode whether she decides to stay at fox or leave will shape the network or pivots to the middle to become the center of the network which kelly wanted to be. now to arizona, senator mccain is fighting to hold onto his office. mccain is still leading by 13 points. on the presidential side, this red state has shifted to toss up status. tonight, mccain is turning to his formal rival, mitt romney, for help. kelly o'donell is live. >> reporter: well, this is a reunion. it was mitt romney and john mccain battled it out in 2008. both are men who lost to barack obama. john mccain running for running
12:40 pm
for reelection to the senate seat wants to do a couple of things. to get the support of those who have respected and admired, romney, who may not like donald trump as much and the establishment republicans and certainly the mormon community in arizona which is a sizable population here as well. it is bringing in some of the big names, he's done this with other senators and trying to have an aggressive campaign. as you pointed out, he's up by double digits. it looks like john mccain are vulnerable. in this particular match up according to polling, he's out front against the democratic member of congress. this is a tough race because we don't know how demographics may change and how the hillary clinton effect could help especially running against a women candidate. mccain is always coming out with
12:41 pm
a lot of big events and trying to get around the states aggressively. by bringing in the big name from the party, someone who's a rival and are friends, showing that you can be political adversaries and work together. that's something if he's reelected, john mccain, would be called upon to be one of those big voice in the party for what comes next regardless of who wins the presidency. this is a chance to get out the vote and try to increase interest in voter and turning out for republican kacan candid. the venues they chosen just so happen to be the spring training park for the chicago cubs, the world series champions which is hard for me to say because i am from cleveland. >> i appreciate you saying that and i just happen to have a hat right here. moving on.
12:42 pm
>> reporter: when we pulled up and i saw the big cup and yeah -- you will live. >> yes, it is a beautiful day in arizona. >> i want to bring in jim sharp now. you are being flooded by candidates. they are everywhere and their spouses and vp's and everybody else. can you remember an election this tight in your state? >> no, this is what iowa must feel like in the primaries. it is ridiculous. we had in the last six days we had, donald trump, hillary clinton, we had mike pence yesterday morning and tim kaine comes here tomorrow. he will be doing two speeches. one in tucson and he added a trip here in phoenix where he will be speaking in spanish. >> very interesting. >> yeah, i want to ask you about that. that's happening this afternoon, entirely in spanish. that's the crowd they are after,
12:43 pm
i guess, as oppose to the folks normally would keep the state red. what are you hearing? what are you hearing from the clinton people? >> i am hearing a lot from clinton people. there were quite a crowd last night. they estimated between 10,000 or 11,000 people to see her at asu. the lines were huge. there is a lot of enthusiasm. i think for the democrats, some of this is misplaced. i think because folks may vote for hillary clinton, that maybe the add muir -- admiration of the candidate. i don't see that's happening, john mccain is not in any danger of losing it here and all of it. joe arpaio.
12:44 pm
>> he was on with steve cornacki yesterday at 4:00 eastern time. do you think he loses? is he really in trouble? >> there is a real scenario, the democrats released the poll and the arizona republic released the poll. they heavily weighed the democrats in that one. i think joe arpaio is in real danger to losing to shenso. >> we are still waiting for hillary clinton in north
12:45 pm
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we have been waiting for hillary clinton to begin. she's in north carolina. lets listen in. [ cheers ] [ applause [ applause ] >> and either you are related to him or thinking he's doing a good job. >> well, i told him i want to be a in good partners with mayors like him and work and helping communities like greenfield and growing and striving and atracking young people. he told me the average age of the residence here in greenfield is 26-year-old. >> i can to acknowledge our josh stein, the candidate for our north carolina's attorney
12:49 pm
general. i save the best for last, someone i gotten to know over the years and someone i am looking forward to working with. congressman, i got to talk to you about our farmers and proceeded to tell me he was out on a 200 acres sweet potatoes farm today. we talked about the damage that hurricane matthew had done, lives loss and homes loss and the agriculture al damage with all the flooding. my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected. we got to -- we got to be focused on what we are going to do with this extreme weather, we are getting more of it in more places. and, i am going to make that priority for my presidency to
12:50 pm
make sure that communities are well prepared and resilience and that we are also work to try to limit the damage by take eing o the challenge of climate change and changing weather patterns. and nobody knows mohr about weather than our farmers and i am very committed to supporting farms of all sizes, but particularly small farms. you know i think you said the farm you went to this morning w 200 achers. it's not gigantic. it's not a gigantic farm. sometimes i think we spend too much time and money looking after the big giant farms, not enough taking care of the smaller farms, the family of owned farms, farms that have been in people's families for generations and i will do my very best working with gk and eleanor and others in congress
12:51 pm
to focus federal attention and resources on places that need it and eastern -- north carolina sa place that needs it and still too many people who feel like they have been left out and left behind and so we've got to spend time thinking about how we bring everybody along. >> that is my goal as your president. i want to knockdown down the barriers that stand in the people and places getting ahead. now, i also on a personal note, i was out in arizona last night and had a great rally there. i don't know, 15, 16,000 people, it was just extraordinary. but i was a little anxious during my speech because the cubs were playing in the world series. and, you know, i have been a bear all my life, started
12:52 pm
watching baseball with my dad, went to wrigley field and you know it's been a long time 108 years to win a championship and make history and i only wish that my late father and the great bernie banks, mr. cubs, could have seen it happen. so last night was very special on lots of fronts and who knows, maybe we'll see even more history made in a few days. you know, the last time cubs won, women couldn't vote. i think women are making up for that in this election. so thank you very much for being here. are you ready to vote? how many folks have already voted? that's really impressive.
12:53 pm
are you ready to volunteer these last few days? are you ready to elect ray cooper, your governor? have a governor who puts family first and your need. i know he'll do a terrific job. are you ready to elect debra ross to the united states senate? she will be the independent voice that north carolina families deserve. unlike her opponent, she's never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. and then are you ready to elect our next president and commander-in-chi commander-in-chief? well r
12:54 pm
well, you know. did any of you see those debates? well, you know, i spent four-and-a-half hours standing next to donald trump, proving conclusively i have the stamina to be the best president and commander-in-chief, but you know, he kept saying things like, well, you know what have you didn't for 30 years? well we know what he's done for 30 years, starting with discriminating against african-americans and denying them housing back in the 1970s. i chose a different path. i have spent my career fighting -- >> we are listening to hillary clinton, she is speaking in winterville, north carolina, about 200 miles away. donald trump is speaking in concord, north carolina, the same state, and president obama is speaking in jacksonville, florida. we will keep an eye on all three of these live breaking events and coming up, campaign rhetoric
12:55 pm
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when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. >> it's disgusting. it's animosity, his ungovernable temper. the unfortunate foibles of a vanity without pound capable of discoloring ever object. >> election season fighting word circa 1,800, that was hbo's take on the original october surprise, then president john adams reading a letter there, a classier version of a tweet storm by his own vice president alexander hamilton, joining me now historian joanna freeman, history of studies at yale university. you know a lost election of 1,800. at one point, there was all kind of war of word. then at one point somebody tried
12:59 pm
to spread the rumor of jefferson was dead. >> proprietary. >> was it a lot like 2016? >> if you talk about dirty politics, tricks to sweep, yeah the trick of that one was, it was so hard, communication took so long that if you spread a rumor that jefferson has died, it would be hard to contradict that rumor. >> there was no twitter. give us the brief, what was the big deal then? >> so the big deal, two big deals, one is the first really, really is seriously contested presidential election. only one before and pretty much the country was polarized between the federalists on the one side, republicans on the other side. it gets very contentious, dirty, mud sling, and they expect a tie, jefferson, thomas jefferson and aaron burr and they can't break the tie. >> it shows democracy can
1:00 pm
survive. wasn't the moral of that eselection it worked people were pleased, one of the things is after it was done and there was a big crisis and people were zurich talking about usurping the government, jefferson actually said, you know, it seems we pretty much would have had some convention. that's who we are as an american people is our constitutional process. >> all of these years later, it's still working. thank you for being with us, really appreciate it. >> that will do it for me for this hour, i'm kate snow. i got to quickly put this on, because steve kornacki told me it couldn't be done, guess what. >> i said it couldn't be done. i said it was a bold pick. you have been vindicated. you must be very happy. congratulations to you and all of the cubs fans out there. it only took 108 years. i'm a red sox fan, i know how these things go. isteve kornacki here in new york. look at this, five days until


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